An Interview With Salad NYC Founder, Freddy Torres

An Interview With Salad NYC Founder, Freddy Torres

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KS: What’s the meaning of Salad?

FT: Salad didn’t really have a meaning when I first started it. I created it in design school for a project, but it was always in the back of my head telling me it could be more. I guess if I really think about it, Salad is for the daydreamers that never sleep. It’s for the strong-minded people who were never taken seriously. It’s a bowl. It’s everything I was ever influenced by in one. It’s a salad bowl, and in a salad bowl you can put meats, chicken, lettuce, dressing. It’s your own thing. Salad is a collective of influences. Anyone can be Salad, why not be Salad? It’s not just one certain thing. It’s not just skateboarding, or just music, or a clothing brand. It’s bigger than that. To me, Salad is a platform I created for myself to put things out.

KS: What got you into graphic design to begin with?

FT: Skateboarding, of course. Ever since I was little I always looked at skateboard graphics. You usually buy a board because of the graphics. Alien Workshop was my favorite growing up because the graphics were so simple and clean. They were like a matte finish and just the lines were so clean. Album covers were another thing that got me into design. Album covers can make music iconic even if the music sucks. Another thing that got me into design was clothes. There’s just a beauty to the way people make things. So skateboarding, music, and fashion are what got me into graphic design. It took me awhile to realize that’s what I was really good at.

KS: Has skateboarding impacted your work in any other way?

FT: I guess it impacted Salad in the style of things. It also has impacted graphic design to me as another outlet because I don’t skate as much as I used to. It’s kind of sad when I think about it, but I make up for it. If I can get as good as I did at skateboarding, I can get good at graphic design the same way. It motivated me to just keep doing it and not to give up.

KS: You’re originally from Houston. How was it growing up there, and do you find it still inspires you?

Growing up in Houston was good. I don’t have any complaints besides it being hot as hell. As for my work, the people influenced me more than the city did. The Space Boy shirt design was made from and for the people back home that always supported me. Houston pushed me. It made me realize what I wanted was more.

KS: If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

FT: I guess clothes-wise it would be a dream to collaborate with Julian from Stray Rats.

KS: Are there any brands or designers you’re really into right now?

FT: Lofi from Australia, Pleasures, The Good Company, Stray Rats, and I like what the guy Virgil is doing with Nike, just to name a few.

KS: What does the future hold for Salad?

FT: The future for Salad is just to grow and try to put out as much as I can with the support I get. The support from the people is what keeps it growing. I’m just trying to get a bigger audience and show people my work. The future is more clothes coming out, and a bunch of other projects too. Like I said, Salad is more than just clothing. It’s music; it’s skateboarding; it’s a lifestyle. You know?

KS: It’s a movement.

FT: I don’t know if it’s a movement. I don’t want to be like, “Yo bro, fuck with my movement.”  This is just Salad. It’s what I like. It is what it is. Always Salad.

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