Late Night When You Need… To Resist


What if a world existed in which it was just as easy to fax your government elected officials as it was to drunk text your ex at three in the morning? Oh, wait. We already live in that world. Thanks to a new service called Resistbot, you can officially contact your senators and representatives via text. 

The preferred method of making your voice heard depends on who you ask. However, we’re in favor of using all means necessary. What makes Resistbot so special is that it is simple enough to make use of every single day. You can text Resistbot while you’re on the train, getting a pedicure, or even late night when you need to take action. 

All you have to do is type “resist” and send to 50409. The bot will then ask for your zip code so it can send your fax to the appropriate public official. Your message can be short and to the point, or long and elaborate. The system sends a photo for approval, and then it’s off to a fax machine near you! 

If you don’t believe it’s possible, take a quick scroll through their twitter feed. People all over the country are receiving responses from public officials. It’s all because of a service that is completely free to use. Instead of spending your time scrolling through apps wishing someone would text you, take some time to resist today. 

Written by Kassie Shanafelt
Artwork by Freddy Torres