Dust Jacket


The tremors  from the bombs being dropped on us from above crumpled the buildings like wet graham crackers, and the rainy wind pulled the trees to the west in an angry manner. I laid at our post unaffected.  I've been in this fight far too long to be influenced by the fear of death. You see, when I was drafted to fight someone else's war, they didn't just take away my family or my long hair, they also took away my ability to feel.    

“Steve, can you hand me that rock looking thing?” Terry said. I looked to where he was pointing and crawled over to pick up the rock. He mumbled a thank you, right before he disobeyed our commander and stood up. He yelled something I can't repeat and tossed the rock with the intent to gain attention from the hundreds of enemy troopers. He got what he wanted, and he charged at them. Not being out of my freaking mind, I did not help Terry or even watch his inevitable death.  I instead crawled farther away from the lunatic in the attempt to nonchalantly navigate my way back to my commanders control tent. Which in roughly twelve minutes, I accomplished.  I told Commander Chris what happened, and he was slightly upset with me for not following the whole “Leave no man behind” thing, but oh well. I'm not in this fight to help. I'm in it to survive.  

I was sent back to the training base on sanitation duty the next day, after losing my fifth partner to an emotional breakdown and eventual suicide. But that's not my fault, my partners were always really strange. They were always trying to get me to be quiet, so I would just burn their socks.  Or cut big holes in the important parts of their uniforms. But I initially asked to be placed in the sanitation field when I was first drafted anyway. I've never been into the whole killing people for your country thing, so I thought I would just get really good at mopping and scrubbing toilets. But nooooo, I had to be placed in the ambush sector.    


Jayson True is a senior in high school. He plays football, baseball, basketball, and runs track. He plans to attend The University of Texas at San Antonio next year. This is his first published piece. 

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