Bad Anatomy Review


My boyfriend always says that writers name their work after something random. He jokes that a poem, essay or book could be named something like “Wet Dog,” and the story could be about something else entirely. If writers chose names based on randomness, “Bad Anatomy” by Hannah Cohen is the antithesis of that.

When I think of writing poetry, I think of cracking open my skull. Opening my mind to write something that hurts. Poetry should have a little sting to it. The words might prick you, but they still stich you back up. To me, the poems in “Bad Anatomy” hit you like a crack in the ribs, and I couldn’t think of a title better suited for that.

Here are my 5 favorite poems.

  1. In My Last Relationship, I Was A Television

  2. Superficial

  3. Bad Anatomy

  4. Upon Starting My Period After The Election

  5. Sad Girl’s Drinking Ghanzal  

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Kassie Shanafelt